Photographer: Alison Paine. Image courtesy of Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland.
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Ascent Structural & Architectural Steel

Ascent Structural & Architectural Steel is a renowned leader in the supply, fabrication and installation of quality structural steel to the building and construction industry within Western Australia.

With over two decades of experience in the steel fabrication industry, Ascent has been built to provide a superior service to suit our client’s needs. Our continued growth is leveraged on our strong business ethics and values of integrity, trust and long term relationships with our clients, building professionals and suppliers with the structural steel industry in Perth.

Ascent’s services have been used on many successful projects with in Western Australia, ranging in diversity from medium size medical centres in the Perth metro area, large institutional centres situated in the far North West, to many of the buildings that make up the Perth sky line today.

Our highly skilled, motivated and balanced workforce provides us with the ability to complete a wide range of projects with efficiency and professionalism. We are consistently looking at ways to enhance our value to customers by improving our project, fabrication and quality management systems.

  • Advanced Fabrication Facilities

    Ascent is able to fabricate to any construction specification while ensuring that the best of quality is met.


  • Professional Installation

    Ascent has the ability to source a large array of professional installation teams and the latest on-site machinery to deliver installations in the most efficient manner possible without compromising on quality.


  • Safety & Compliance

    Qualified personal consisting of boilermakers, certified welders and onsite teams are backed with full certification of compliance to ensure the correct and safe fabrication and installation on all projects we undertake.